In Joy Life Magazine is a magazine that God gave me a vision for several years ago that “empowers women in beauty, health and spirituality”.  As with any BIG dream, I am just trusting God to help me make it happen (because only He can) as I diligently work on the project, choose to not give up nor “despise the days of small beginnings”, and to allow Him to direct and guide me.

If you have a BIG dream in your heart, I want to encourage you to start it NOW.  There’s NEVER a better time to start than TODAY.  First pray, seek and trust God, then do your research, and start taking action towards that dream EVERY DAY (start with the small things that you CAN do today). Know that God has equipped you to do it, you are more than capable; and if your dream is nearly impossible, thats totally perfect because it then allows God to do His thing…He specializes in doing the IMPOSSIBLE in our lives.  He picks up where we don’t have the provision, connections, or even abilities.  Trust Him, use wisdom and then JUMP!

What is your BIG dream or Vision that God has given you?